Cancer Is Now the #1 Killer 

For middle-aged people in wealthy nations, cancer is now the number one killer. In fact, they are more than twice as likely to die of cancer than heart disease.


Lung Cancer Screening Saves Lives 

Most people don’t get potentially life-saving lung cancer tests, but if you smoke you may be eligible for a free screening. Here’s what you should know.

Person Smoking Cigarette, Close-up, Blurred, B&w --- Image by © Laurent Hamels/PhotoAlto/Corbis

What Causes Cancer? 

There is no one answer to what causes cancer. You may have been born with a vulnerability that is then triggered by experiences like smoking or exposure to air pollution.


What Is Pancreatic Cancer? 

Pancreatic cancer starts in your pancreas, an organ that sits behind your stomach, and can spread within your abdomen and beyond. Here’s what you should know.