What Is Radiation Therapy? 

To kill cancer cells, your doctors may recommend exposing them to radiation therapy, usually via x-rays. These intense beams of energy damage their DNA.


What Is Lymphoma? 

Lymphoma is a term for many types of blood cancers. Rates of lymphoma are dropping, and survival is improving. Here's what you should know about lymphoma.


What Is Uterine Cancer? 

Uterine cancer symptoms can mimic many other conditions. Know the signs and symptoms and see a doctor early to ensure a quick diagnosis and treatment.


What Is Chemotherapy? 

Unlike surgery and radiation, which work directly on a tumor, chemotherapy can kill cancer cells that have spread far away, but it can affect other parts of your body.


Types of Brain Tumors 

There are more than 120 types of brain tumors, including primary and secondary (or metastatic) brain tumors. Here’s what you should know.


What Is Pancreatic Cancer? 

Pancreatic cancer starts in your pancreas, an organ that sits behind your stomach, and can spread within your abdomen and beyond. Here’s what you should know.