Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts 

Ovarian cysts are common and may not cause symptoms. However, pain and other symptoms of ovarian cysts may indicate a problem needing medical attention.


What Is Endometriosis? 

What is endometriosis? The medical name for the lining of a uterus is the endometrium. When this kind of tissue grows outside the uterus as well, you have endometriosis.


What Is Menopause? 

When a woman’s reproductive system shuts down, she enters menopause, usually because of normal aging, and it sometimes occurs after a hysterectomy.

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Bacterial Vaginosis 

A vaginal discharge and itching are signs of bacterial vaginosis (BV). Learn the health consequences of this condition and why you should not ignore it.


What Is Endometrial Cancer? 

Endometrial cancer occurs when cells in the inner lining of the uterus (or endometrium), which is shed during menstruation, grow out of control.


When Can You Stop Having Mammograms? 

Mammograms are extremely important for detecting breast cancer early, but you can typically stop them once you’re 75. But if you have dense breasts, you might continue having them even past that age.