Your Diet Affects Your Pain 

You can eat fewer meats, which contain omega-6 fatty acids, and more fish, which have omega-3s, to help avoid pain or reduce pain you’re already feeling.

Fibromyalgia Trigger Points 

When you have fibromyalgia, you have chronic pain in your muscles, tendons, and connective tissues. Doctors call fibromyalgia trigger points tender points.


Understanding Chronic Pain 

Chronic pain lasts for months or even years. Understanding chronic pain can help you find ways to cope and hopefully improve your condition and quality of life.

04 Sep 2014, Italy --- Young woman stretching arms on beach, Tuscany, Italy --- Image by © Sofie Delauw/Corbis

Lower Back Stretches 

Is your lower back pain keeping you from working, sleeping, and exercising? Lower back stretches can relieve aches as well as strengthen your back muscles.

15 Feb 2015 --- Woman gripping her injured leg --- Image by © Arman Zhenikeyev/Corbis

Six Surprising Sources of Pain 

Thyroid problems, insomnia, and even lack of exercise can lead to pain. Many cases have multiple causes. Here's what you should know and what you can do.