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Take the Blood Count Quiz

The last time you visited your health care provider for an illness, he or she might have ordered a CBC test to help determine the diagnosis. CBC stands for complete blood count, but what does that mean? And what do all those numbers on the result sheet mean? Find out by taking this quiz, based on information from the National Institutes of Health.

1. Which blood cells and blood elements are included in a CBC test?
2. What do white blood cells do?
3. What do red blood cells do?
4. What do platelets do?
5. What is hematocrit?
6. What are neutrophils?
7. What is severe neutropenia?
8. Which is a symptom of not having enough red blood cells or hemoglobin (a condition called anemia)?
9. What is the name of the condition that results when a person does not have enough platelets?