Why Do My Eyes Hurt?  

Eye pain can be frightening. It can be slight or serious, from a dry eyeball to a medical problem. Here are some answers if wonder “Why do my eyes hurt?”


Types and Causes of Cataracts 

Your risk for the most common type of cataract rises dramatically when you’re a senior. But other types and causes of cataracts are not linked to growing older.


The Risks of Lasik Surgery 

It’s attractive to ditch the glasses and contact lenses, but surgery has a down side. Know the risks of Lasik and whether it has side effects before scheduling surgery.


Treating Common Eye Problems  

Treating common eye problems can sometimes be simple. It’s important not to ignore them, since vision affects almost everything you do. Learn more here.


How to Improve Eyesight 

Your eyes are a window to your soul — and your health. The short answer for how to improve eyesight is to take good care of your body. Learn more here.


What Is Glaucoma? 

Glaucoma is a problem that can create high pressure in one of your eyes or both and can damage your optic nerve or nerves and even cause blindness.


Types of Color Blindness 

There are three main types of color blindness, which is usually caused by a defect on your X chromosome. This makes the problem more common among men.


Why You Need an Eye Examination 

Even small increases in air pollution can increase your risk of cataracts, and even glaucoma age-related macular degeneration, both of which could eventually cause blindness.