Hangovers Do Get Worse 

As you age, eat more and guzzle water with your alcohol.

Do You Have a Substance Abuse Problem?

Take the Assessment

Substance abuse means using drugs for non-medical reasons. The drugs can be either legal or illegal. They don't have to be illegal to be abused. If you abuse drugs, you can become dependent on them physically and mentally. Drug abuse and addiction can lead to many problems in life. They can also harm your health.


Job Stress and Substance Abuse 

People cope different ways, but many aren’t healthy or safe.


Watch Out for Overdosing on Painkillers 

Patients who take too many opioids often do it twice.

Considering E-Cigs to Stop Smoking? What You Need to Know 

Whether e-cigs help smoking cessation is debatable — and the chemicals in them could be dangerous.


Finding the Right Rehab Program for Substance Abuse 

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction are chronic diseases that can be treated as successfully as many other chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes.


What Happens When You Drink Too Much? 

Alcohol’s effects are worse than you think.


Do Smoking Cessation Apps Work? 

Research on apps to help you kick (cigarette) butts is sparse, but some quit-smoking apps are backed by science.


What Should We Tell Teens about Smokeless Tobacco? 

The government may soften the warning for “snus.”


Americans Are Smoking More Pot 

As the perception that weed is harmless increases, so do the troubling public health consequences.


The Bad (and a Little Good) News about Workaholism 

Workaholics can feel energized, but health, relationships, and work performance can suffer.


Is Addiction Caused (in Part) by Loneliness?  

Rats who live in colonies don’t like morphine-laced water.


You CAN Quit Smoking: Here Are Tips to Succeed 

Find strategies that work and stop smoking forever.


Brain Activity Predicts Promiscuity and Problem Drinking  

MRIs of young adults produce images of the biological activity behind risk-taking.