Workout Routines for Women 

Exercising either at home or at the gym can create safe, effective workout routines for women. Check out our breakdown of good workout routines for women.


Exercising in Bursts 

Exercise can be painful. But there are substantial health benefits from even small amounts of moderate physical activity. Anything is better than nothing.


Tips on Cycling Up Hills 

If you enjoy cycling but limit yourself to flat rides, these techniques will help conquer hilly terrain and other challenges. Here's what you can do.


Workout Routines for Men 

Workout routines for men can help you lose weight, build muscle, and protect against heart disease. Here’s a quick breakdown of workout routines for men.

Cologne, Germany --- Man Staring Race --- Image by © Ted Levine/Corbis

The 10-20-30 Workout 

The 10-20-30 workout, a type of interval training routine, can torch fat and improve performance. It also saves you time.

Woman walking up stairs --- Image by © Andersen Ross/cultura/Corbis

Exercises You Can Do at Work 

Sitting can shorten your life, increasing your risk for diabetes, obesity, and depression. Boost your health with exercises you can easily fit into your workday.


Is Rucking a Good Workout? 

Dating back to the American Revolutionary War, soldiers started rucking, a trend that is catching on all over the globe today. Here's what you should know.