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Cold and Flu Season Center 

Learn about symptoms, treatment, and prevention of colds and the flu during the fall and winter months, their busiest time of the year.


Infectious Disease Center 

What is an infectious disease? Learn about diseases caused by bacteria, how long pink eye is contagious, how you get MRSA, and much more.


What Is Pneumonia? 

What is pneumonia? When air sacs in your lungs fill with fluid, as the result of an infection, you have pneumonia. Usually a complication of the flu, severe cases can be life-threatening.

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Symptoms of a Cold 

Symptoms of a cold appear 1 to 3 days after exposure to a virus and vary from person to person. Here's a list of cold symptoms and solutions.


What Is the Flu? 

What the flu is may surprise you. It’s not one single virus. There are several types and frequent mutations. That’s why you need to get a flu shot every year.


What Is Whooping Cough? 

Whooping cough (pertussis) is a contagious illness. It causes intense fits (paroxysms) of coughing. It mainly affects babies and young children.


A Simple Way to Keep the Flu Away 

Unfortunately, some people think that getting a flu vaccine is too much trouble or costs too much. Or they are sure that a flu shot will make them sick or make them more likely to catch the flu.


Home Remedies for Coughing 

Try these home remedies for coughing, many of them probably in your kitchen. They are designed to soothe that nagging and persistent cough.