Bronchitis Symptoms 

Bronchitis is one of the most common respiratory illnesses

What Do You Know About the Common Cold?

1. More than 200 viruses cause colds.

What Is the Common Cold? 

The common cold leads to more doctor visits and absences from school and work than any other illness annually.

What Everyone Should Know Know About Measles 

You and your children will be safe if you get the vaccine.

Should You Feed a Cold and Starve a Fever? 

You can avoid the flu every year with one simple step: Get a flu vaccination.

This Season’s Flu Shot 

No nasal spray and a new option for seniors.

Hand Washing Helps Control Community Infection Outbreaks  

Studies find it’s easier said than done, even among healthcare professionals.

What Is Whooping Cough? 

Whooping cough, or pertussis, mainly affects infants and young children. It is characterized by intense coughing spells that end with a characteristic whoop as air is inhaled.

Don’t Panic Over the Latest Flu 

Investigations continue on the causes of last year’s “enterovirus” flu surges.

Is It a Virus or a Bacterium? Know the Difference 

Knowing whether your infection is caused by a virus or a bacterium makes a difference in how it is treated.

How to Prevent the Spread of Infection in the Kitchen 

The kitchen is the "dirtiest" room in the house, according to a recent study, because people are less likely to use strong cleaners and disinfectants in that room.

Why Your Child Has a Fever 

When your child has a fever, the body resets its thermostat at a higher temperature. This helps the body fight off invading microorganisms.

How to Manage Your Chronic Cough 

Most cases are from postnasal drip and will clear up on their own with patience.