What You Need to Know about Dental Health 

In general, your child should have dental examinations and cleanings every 6months. Help your child brush his or her own teeth to encourage good oral hygiene at home.

Brushing and Toothpaste 

What you need to know about brushing and toothpaste.

Why Flossing Matters 

Brushing alone cannot remove plaque that is located in places that a toothbrush cannot reach, particularly in between teeth.

Your Mouth Can Illuminate Your Body’s Health 

Oral conditions can also have an impact on systemic disease.

Is Sugar the Only Cause of Tooth Decay?  

Not so fast: Lots of people who indulge in sugary treats don’t have cavities.

How to Prevent Early Childhood Cavities 

Changing your child’s feeding habits will help.

Is Gum Disease Hereditary? 

Research indicates periodontal disease can run in families and genetic markers can now be identified.

How to Keep Your Gums Healthy 

Inflamed gums may even be linked to cancer and mental decline.

Should You Get Dental Sealants for Your Kids? 

Putting plastic in your child’s mouth may sound like a bad idea, but it works to seal out tooth decay.

Should You Bleach Your Teeth? 

Watch out for over-the-counter products that promise whiter, brighter teeth.

How to Care for Dentures 

What you need to know about dentures.