The Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana 

The street drug spice can cause seizures, heart problems, and death.

What Do You Know About Addiction?

Addiction is a long-term (chronic) brain disease that is also called substance abuse disorder. It can be caused by using too much of a drug or alcohol. Over time, addiction changes the structure and function of the brain. Find out more about addiction by taking this quiz.

1. Addiction can begin when a person uses drugs, but addiction is more than just using a lot of drugs.
2. Addiction most often gets worse over time.
3. One symptoms of addiction is needing to use more of the drug over time.
4. People often become addicted only a day or two after first using a drug.
5. Addiction can cause a lack of control over thoughts, feelings, ideas, or behaviors.
6. People are addicted when they keep using a drug even when it causes problems in their life.
7. Addiction can be overcome with treatment.
8. An addict in recovery should recognize that owning up to the addiction doesn’t mean he or she is a bad person.
9. An important step toward recovery is accepting that change must occur.

Finding the Right Rehab Program for Substance Abuse 

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction are chronic diseases that can be treated as successfully as many other chronic diseases, including high blood pressure, asthma, and diabetes.


Watch Out for Overdosing on Painkillers 

Patients who take too many opioids often do it twice.


Understanding Cocaine and Crack 

Cocaine use ranges from occasional to compulsive. There is no safe way to use the drug.


Drunk Driving Is Declining … While Drugged Driving Accelerates 

People driving under the influence of drugs are playing an increasing role in crashes.


Americans Are Smoking More Pot 

As the perception that weed is harmless increases, so do the troubling public health consequences.


When a Loved One Has a Mental Illness 

You may not know what to do. Your loved one may even push you away. But don’t give up. Your support is needed now more than ever.


College Students Consider Prescription Stimulant Abuse Normal Behavior 

Using ADHD drugs to study and party can be dangerous and deadly.


Is Addiction Caused (in Part) by Loneliness?  

Rats who live in colonies don’t like morphine-laced water.


Teens Who Use Pot May Not Finish School 

Kids who use marijuana daily risk never finishing high school or college and depression.


A Parent's Guide to Inhalant Abuse 

Inhalants are breathable chemical vapors that produce mind-altering effects. Knowing the facts about inhalants can help you protect your children.