Meningitis Symptoms in Adults 

Meningitis is a potentially fatal infection. Meningitis symptoms in adults are often different than meningitis symptoms in children. Here's what you should know.

How Long Is Pink Eye Contagious? 

Also known as conjunctivitis, pink eye is a common condition, spreads easily, and is simple to treat. Learn what pink eye is and how long it is contagious.

What Is C. diff?  

When people ask, “What is C. diff?” they are really asking two questions: One: What is the illness like and, two, what causes it. Learn more.

What Is Walking Pneumonia? 

Walking pneumonia can cause mild symptoms but also have serious consequences. Learn what is walking pneumonia, treatment, and how to avoid the infection.

How Do You Get Cellulitis? 

Cellulitis causes pain, blindness, even death. How do you get cellulitis? Find out your risk and how to treat this skin dangerous infection.

West Nile Virus Symptoms 

West Nile virus may cause few symptoms — and sometimes serious health problems. Know the West Nile virus symptoms and when to seek help.

Are Sinus Infections Contagious?  

Sinus infections are contagious only if they are caused by a virus, rather than bacteria, fungi, allergies, or other causes. Here's what everyone should know.

Strep Throat in Adults 

Strep throat is common in kids but strep throat in adults does occur — and it can be serious. Learn about symptoms, testing, and how to protect yourself.

Scarlet Fever Rash 

The characteristic strawberry bumps are caused by bacteria, which can spread throughout your body. So don’t ignore scarlet fever rash. Learn more here.

Food Poisoning Symptoms 

Foodborne illnesses affect millions of people every year. Learn about the symptoms of food poisoning and how to avoid them to stay healthy.