Are Saturated Fats Safer Than Carbs? 

Eating steak doesn’t lead to a heart attack. But doughnuts might get you there, cardiologists now say. Here’s what you should know about saturated fats versus carbs.


What Is High Blood Pressure? 

We hear about it all the time, but exactly what is high blood pressure? If your blood is pushing too hard against artery walls, you may be at risk for a stroke or heart attack.


Early Signs of Heart Disease 

Early signs of heart disease aren’t always obvious. If you have risk factors, it’s especially important to get a symptom checked out if you’re not sure.

16 Dec 2011 --- Caucasian man taking his own blood pressure --- Image by © Rolf Bruderer/Blend Images/Corbis

High Blood Pressure Treatment 

High blood pressure treatment with lifestyle changes plus medication, if needed, can lower your risk for strokes, heart attacks, kidney disease and more.


What Is Ventricular Fibrillation? 

When someone dies suddenly, a dangerous heart arrhythmia called ventricular fibrillation (VF) is often the cause. Recognizing the signs of VF can save lives.


Red Meat and the Risk of Heart Disease 

For every daily serving of red meat, your risk for heart disease increases. But a 30-year study supports swapping beans, nuts, or soy foods for red meat to protect your heart.


What Is Cardiomyopathy? 

Cardiomyopathy refers to several types of heart muscle damage. Early detection is important because cardiomyopathy can sometimes be life-threatening.