Caring for a Child with Leukemia 

When caring for a child with leukemia, you’ll need to explain procedures, keep her involved in distracting activities, and hide your fear or anger.


Caring for Someone Who Is Bedridden 

A bedridden person needs support for their back and joints, can develop bed sores, and may need help with hygiene. Their comfort and dignity are important.

Couple Holding Hands --- Image by © Timothy Tadder/Corbis

What Is a Caregiver? 

Millions of Americans are caregivers — often unpaid spouses or other family members, friends, or even neighbors — providing assistance and care to those in need.


Caring for Someone with a Brain Injury 

Stay on your toes if you're caring for someone with a brain injury. Changes in their behavior, speech, sensation, and movement may appear months or even years after their injury.


Caring for a Person with Paralysis 

Imagine the state of mind of people who have lost the use of part of their bodies. Focus on what you can do, appreciate what you have, and believe that the future can be better.


Caring for Someone with Lung Cancer 

If you're caring for someone with lung cancer, learn all you can. Knowledge builds confidence, but be sure to avoid information overload. Here's what you should know.