Caring for a Child with Leukemia 

Sixty-five percent survive for at least five years.

Caring for Someone Who Is Bedridden 

Comfort and dignity are the most important priorities.

Caring for Someone Who Has Had a Stroke 

We associate strokes with old age, but it can happen much younger.

Caregiving Can Be an Emotional Roller Coaster 

You have many options to cope, including the acceptance of your limitations.

Caring for Someone with Prostate Cancer 

Address sexual problems directly.

Making Caregiving Decisions and Answering Questions 

Making tough decisions sometimes creates more questions than answers.

Caring for Someone with Brain Trauma 

The changes may appear months or years after an injury.

Finding a Therapist for a Child with a Mental Illness 

Often it seems close to impossible. However, with persistence and the right support team in place, it’s doable.

Caring for a Person with Paralysis 

Focus on what you can do, appreciate what you have, and believe that the future can be better.

Caring for Someone with Lung Cancer 

That cigarette habit took its toll. Now what?

How To Deal With Caregiver Anxiety 

Give yourself a break, and a pat on the back for your hard work.

When Caretaking Gives You Too Much Control 

Caretaking and addiction control can be difficult to manage.

Creating a Community of Caregivers When You’re an Outpatient 

When illness strikes, it really does take a village to manage your health.