Dog looking at woman surfer at the beach --- Image by © Ben Welsh/Corbis

Animals Are Good for You 

Pets can be a buffer against loneliness, and owning a dog or cat may actually lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Here's what you should know.

Portrait of smiling young man --- Image by © Oliver Rossi/Corbis

How to Buy Happiness 

It is possible to buy happiness, but it comes down to how you spend. Give to others and choose investments that give you more free time or special experiences.


Self-Help Books That Truly Work 

Put yourself on a better track with a book or tape. Sometimes a stranger’s perspective is exactly what you need. Here are some self-help books that work.

Group of mid adult women and mid adult man doing downward-facing dog pose in yoga studio --- Image by © Mareen Fischinger/Corbis

Practice Your Down-Dog  

The ancient practice of yoga to calm and focus your body and mind can help you manage a chaotic modern life. Here's what the research says about yoga.