Is It Bad to Skip Breakfast?  

Skipping breakfast puts you in a different mindset, and you let good habits slide. The main thing for everyone is to eat healthy, yet many breakfast-skippers don’t.


Is Raw Milk Safe? 

There’s no scientific reason to drink raw milk — and it can be dangerous, which is why it’s illegal to sell in many states. Here's what you should know.


How to Stop Food Cravings 

It’s not easy to know how to stop food cravings, especially for sugary and salty foods, but learning what causes cravings is a good start. Here's what you can do.

Mixed race woman peering into refrigerator at night --- Image by © Jill Giardino/Blend Images/Corbis

Eating Late Is Really Bad for You 

Humans are built to fast 12 hours a day. But that's not a typical American pattern. Late meals and snacks are linked to weight gain, acid reflux, and breast cancer.


Is Diet Soda Bad for You? 

People who drink diet soda are more likely to develop high blood pressure, stroke, dementia, and maybe depression or cancer. The problem may be poor circulation.


What Does “Natural Flavor” Mean? 

“Natural flavor” is a common and sometimes misleading food labeling term. Here’s how to make sense of the term and what you can do find healthy, natural foods.