26 Aug 2013 --- Kidney and bladder, computer artwork. --- Image by © SEBASTIAN KAULITZKI/Science Photo Library/Corbis

Symptoms of Kidney Problems 

Know the symptoms of kidney problems and when to see your doctor. Signs can be subtle or obvious and indicate a minor or potentially serious kidney problem.


What Is Diabetic Nephropathy? 

Damage to your kidneys from high blood sugar could lead to a common diabetes complication called diabetic nephropathy. Here's what you should know.


Symptoms of Kidney Infection 

Kidney infections (pyelonephritis), a type of urinary tract infection, can cause serious problems. Here's what to do if you have symptoms of kidney infection.


What Is Kidney Failure? 

You can still live well with kidney failure, but you will need dialysis or a kidney transplant to take over the work of your kidneys. Here's what you should know.