YourCareEverywhere Advertising Policy

YourCareEverywhere is partially funded by advertisements, accepts advertising from numerous sources, and has established a policy to govern such activity. Advertising includes any banner, image, or contextual advertising from a third party appearing anywhere within the site. All such content is distinguished from editorial content — clearly and prominently labeled “Advertisement.” Clicking on any advertisement may link to the advertising company’s website or other related web page.

YourCareEverywhere neither endorses nor evaluates products, services, or campaigns advertised within the site. YourCareEverywhere editorial content is not influenced by any advertiser. All advertised content, terms of use, and their privacy policies are strictly the responsibility of the advertiser. YourCareEverywhere does not accept advertising that is illegal, in poor taste, or is not factually accurate, and reserves the right to reject or remove any advertisement at any time.

The following categories of advertisements that are not permitted on the YourCareEverywhere site include, but are not limited to:

  • Tobacco-related (i.e., cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, etc.).
  • Guns/weapons-related (i.e., firearms, bullets, etc.).
  • Illegal drugs-related (i.e., marijuana, cocaine, etc.).
  • Sexual-related (i.e., adult themes, sexual activities, pornography, etc.).
  • Crime-related (i.e., organized crime, notorious characters, etc.).
  • Violence-related (i.e., physical harm or pain, torture, etc.).
  • Profanity-related (i.e., offensive words, phrases, images, etc.).
  • Dehumanizing-related (i.e., degrading, abuse, humiliating, etc.).
  • Death-related (i.e., funeral homes, mortuaries, etc.).
  • Hate-related (i.e., racial, religious, ethnic, etc.).
  • Illegal-related (i.e., violates, or promotes the violation of, any criminal law, etc.).
  • Alcohol-related.
  • Advertisements involving unauthorized or unapproved use of intellectual property.
  • Advertisements involving a copy or parody of current or past products or services of a YourCareEverywhere participating facility.
  • Advertisements that communicate an unauthorized affiliation, association or endorsement by, or favored status with, a YourCareEverywhere participating facility.    .
  • Advertisements in violation of applicable laws.
  • Illegal or dangerous products.

These categories are not exhaustive and are subject to change at the discretion of YourCareEverywhere at any time. At its sole discretion, YourCareEverywhere may revise this policy at any time. The revised policy will be posted to the applicable YourCareEverywhere site(s).

Updated: September 16, 2016