Mind Over Body Is the New Self-Care 

Americans are increasingly focusing on mind-body self-care to improve their wellness, making healthy lifestyle choices and monitoring for potential health problems.


How to Stop Negative Thinking 

Learning how to stop negative thinking could go a long way to improving your health, relationships, and ability to set and reach goals. You’ll feel better, too.


How to Take Social Media Breaks 

If you're feeling anxious or down, try taking a break from social media. Research suggests even just a week off can help you cut back when you return.


Optimists Live Longer 

Optimists live longer. One reason may be that optimists handle stress better, minimizing the wear and tear of emotional upsets on their bodies. Learn more.


How to Recover from Burnout  

You shouldn't ignore burnout, the real feeling of being overwhelmed and extra tired. It can cause depression, physical problems, and hurt your productivity at work.


Forgiving Is Good for You 

If you forgive people, you can learn to avoid grudges. Do it for yourself. Cultivating forgiveness is a kind of protection against mental and other health problems.


The Benefits of Reading Books 

The health benefits of reading books surprisingly include living longer and seeing the world of other points of view. Here's what you should know.