How to Improve Your Conversation Skills 

Have you lost your ease with conversation? Were you ever comfortable? There’s a trick to charm, and you can learn it. You CAN be interesting if you improve your skills.

How to Stop Negative Thinking 

Learning how to stop negative thinking could go a long way to improving your health, relationships, and ability to set and reach goals. You’ll feel better, too!

Optimists Live Longer 

Optimists live longer, especially to age 85 and beyond, according to a study that tried to weed out the effects of factors like wealth and chronic illness.

How to Recover from Burnout  

Burnout, feeling extra tired in your daily life, is real and shouldn’t be ignored; it can cause depression, physical problems, and hurt your productivity at work.

How to Be a Good Listener 

When was the last time you really listened to someone? Empathy is good, but it doesn’t teach us how to be a good listener. Here’s are some tips.