Wives Can Spot Melanoma Symptoms 

Men over 50 have an increased risk of melanoma, a potentially deadly skin cancer. Wives can help save their husbands by learning to spot signs of skin cancer.


Stages of Melanoma 

Stages of melanoma tell you how deeply this cancer has grown into your skin and whether it has spread. The higher the stage number the more dangerous the problem.


Treatment for Melanoma 

Depending on the stage of your melanoma, you have several treatment options. Here's what you should know about treatment for melanoma and what you should expect.


Targeted Therapy for Melanoma 

Targeted therapy is medicine that targets the parts of cancer cells that make them unlike normal cells. Your doctors may use targeted therapy for your melanoma.

Young woman sunbathing --- Image by © Corbis

5 Ways to Prevent Skin Cancer 

Proven strategies can help prevent the most common malignancy of all — skin cancer. Here's what you can do to keep the sun from increasing your risk.