Staying Socially Active as You Age 

Remaining in the game helps keeps you sharp and wards off disease.

Take the Arthritis Quiz

This quiz is a chance to find out more about arthritis and arthritis treatment.

1. Although health care providers have identified more than 100 forms of arthritis, most people have 1 of 3 main forms.

Fitness Trackers for Seniors 

The market isn’t there yet, but you can sample some simple devices while it catches on.

Yoga for Seniors 

A simple practice to help you get started.

Senior Abuse May Start at Home 

Family members are the most common offenders.

Helping Seniors at the Doctor’s Office 

Planning ahead and asking the right questions can save time and get the job done.

How to Maintain Muscle Mass as You Age 

Stength training and eating protein do the trick.

Few Beds for Extra-Obese Patients in Nursing Homes 

Patients may wait in a hospital for months.

Hearing Problems Reduce Elders’ Quality of Life  

When older adults can’t hear well, they often don’t function well, either.

Aging and Driving Safely  

Plenty of seniors can drive well, but impairments that come with age have to be considered.

Should You See a Geriatrician? 

With a shortage that’s growing you’ll see a geriatric specialist selectively.

Protecting Your Mobility in Old Age 

The key to maintaining the ability to get around is movement.