Designer Babies? Not so Fast 

But the technology may creep up on us.

Is Personalized Medicine Only for Sick People? 

Precision medical treatments are not just for people suffering from cancer and other chronic diseases.

The Cost of Screening for Personalized Medicine 

Insurers will sometimes pay for genetic testing. Other times, your only option may be to cover the cost yourself.

The Greatest Challenge of Personalized Medicine Is Science 

Researching, regulating, and testing new treatments still pose difficulties to this new science.

Where Can I Find More Information On Personalized Medicine? 

Where to learn about the science behind precision medicine and whether these treatments could be right for you or your loved ones.

Personalized Medicine for Breast Cancer 

How your genes can help your doctor fine-tune your diagnosis — and treatment.

How DNA Sequencing Is Keeping Cancer Patients Alive Longer 

As the data mounts, doctors may turn to algorithms.

Personalized Medicine’s Impact on Alzheimer’s 

With no cure in sight, personalized medicine holds great hope for those who may get this brutal disease.

Should You Get a Gene Test? 

Consider a test if the outcome will affect your medical care.

Personalized Drug Therapy Could Prevent Rejection for Transplant Patients 

One study could change the way post-transplants care is managed.

Personalized Medicine’s Impact on Retina Therapies 

Precision tests and treatments are changing how doctors identify and treat a spectrum of retinal diseases, including childhood cancer.

Will Personalized Medicine Save Money? 

So far, the evidence is no.

Personalized Medicine’s Impact on Autism 

Opting for targeted treatments instead of a one-size-fits-all approach brings hope to people on the spectrum and their families.

How Can a Baby Have Three Biological Parents? 

Reproductive scientists believe a “three parent” IFV technique can prevent

The High Cost of Targeted Medicine 

How to manage the system and be able to afford coverage for the prescriptions you need.

Good News if Certain Diseases Run in Your Family 

Health woes common in families may be the result of lifestyle choices you can change, not your genes.