Depression Versus Sadness 

Feeling sad at times is normal. Depression, however, is sadness on steroids.

Depression Risk Assessment

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Millions of people in the U.S. suffer from depression. More women than men suffer from this health condition. Major depression is an illness that affects a person's body, feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

Caring for Someone with Depression 

Mood disorders are especially hard on caregivers. Take care of yourself.

Magnetic Therapy for Severe Depression 

Powerful magnets somehow realign neurons in part of the brain known to cause depression.

The Pros and Cons of Shock Therapy for Depression 

Thousands of cases have found it to be safe and effective, but with some side effects that dissipate over time.

50 Percent of Mentally Ill Adults Are Untreated 

Twenty percent of American adults suffer from mental illness, and most of them aren’t receiving treatment.

Eating Refined Carbs and Junk Food Can Cause Depression 

Avoiding high-glycemic foods may treat and prevent mood swings and depression.

Depression Versus Anxiety 

Some of the symptoms are similar. However, feeling sad and anxious are not the same.

Nutrients Can Boost the Effectiveness of Antidepressants  

If you still have depression symptoms despite taking an antidepressant, specific supplements may help.

Yoga for Depression 

It offers an escape from the endless rumination that characterizes this illness.

Does Therapy Work for Depression?  

Yes, but not as well as we thought.

7 Strategies to Stop Deadly Thoughts 

Here are solutions to your problems that don’t involve suicide.