Stages of Depression 

Psychologists have not defined the stages of depression, but it is common for people to experience changes in their willingness to take action towards change.


How Mushrooms May Fight Depression 

Researchers are zeroing in on how mushrooms may fight depression. But you'll want to avoid home-grown button mushrooms. They contain mind-altering psilocybin.


What Is Deep Brain Stimulation? 

Sending electricity directly to parts of the brain can treat Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses. Here’s what you should know about deep brain stimulation.

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Why Food Affects Mood 

Your brain gets a steady stream of information from your intestinal tract, where you digest food. What you eat can definitely affect your mood. Learn more here.


Can Being Sick Cause Depression? 

Dealing with two or more illnesses increases your chance of depression or anxiety later on. The more illnesses you have, the greater your risk of depression.


Could More Omega-3s Boost Your Mood? 

Don’t rely on supplements alone to improve your mood, although it’s always a good idea to eat food rich in omega-3 nutrients. Here’s what you should know.


Exercise Helps Prevent Depression 

Scientists have found more proof that exercise helps prevent depression even in people with a genetic vulnerability. Here’s what you should know.