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Why Food Affects Mood 

Your brain gets a steady stream of information from your intestinal tract, where you digest food. What you eat can definitely affect your mood. Learn more here.


Foods to Avoid for Diverticulitis 

Diverticulitis occurs when the wall of your colon becomes infected or inflamed. A fiber-rich diet may help you control symptoms. Here are foods to avoid.


IBD Patients Need Help with Their Diet 

People with inflammatory bowel disease don’t get enough advice about foods that would help them. As many as half of such patients say they don’t have that talk with their doctors.

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Foods that Cause Constipation 

Constipation can result from a medical problem but, most often, it’s caused by lifestyle — especially diet. Foods that cause constipation are often the culprit.


Do Almonds Promote Gut Health? 

What we eat can affect the composition of our microbiome — tiny microorganisms like bacteria — and our health. A handful of healthy almonds each day might make for a healthier gut.


Fiber Helps Prevent Chronic Disease 

In general, plant foods help keep the balance of microbes in your gut healthy and promote diversity. Their fiber content can help protect you against many diseases.


What Is Celiac Disease? 

Celiac disease is more than sensitivity to gluten. It’s a serious disorder that damages your small intestines and can block your body from absorbing nutrients.