Take the Mold Allergy Quiz

Molds are microscopic fungi that are everywhere in our environment. Learn about mold allergy by taking this multiple-choice quiz.

1. How many species of mold exist?

Can You Stop Taking Asthma Medication? 

A surprising number of adults diagnosed with asthma may not actually have the disease – but stopping asthma medication without knowing for sure can be dangerous.

The Stages of COPD 

Determining which of the stages of COPD you have help you get the right treatment. Learn more about the stages of COPD to control symptoms.

Side Effects of Amoxicillin 

Many children are susceptible to the uncommon side effects of amoxicillin, used to treat bacterial infections, but they may outgrow their allergies as adults.

Are Allergies Genetic? 

If you search the internet for “are allergies genetic?” the answers range from a definite “yes” to an emphatic “no.” Here’s some clarity to the question.

Peanut Allergy Symptoms 

Recognizing peanut allergy symptoms could save the life of you or your child. Even a mild reaction can be a warning of future life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Wine Allergy Symptoms 

Experts aren’t sure what causes wine allergies, but the symptoms can range from irritating to life-threatening.

Children's Asthma Peak Flow Calculator

This calculator is for children with asthma. If you know how tall your child is, you can find out what his or her personal best peak flow value is. Peak flow is how fast your child breathes out air after taking a deep breath. Your child's peak flow tells you and your child's doctor how well your child's lungs are working.

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