Extra Weight and Depression Can Cause Daytime Sleepiness  

It’s not just lack of sleep that has you yawning during the day.

What Do You Know About Working the Night Shift?

If you work the night shift, you face unique health and productivity challenges. Take this quiz to see how much you know about making the most of the night shift.

1. If you work at night, try to maintain the same sleep schedule on the days you work and the days you're off.

College Students Need to Take Sleep Seriously 

Getting enough quality sleep is a tough but important lesson for college students.

When You Sleep by Day and Work at Night 

Shift workers need healthy sleep habits too.

Surgery for Sleep Apnea Is Less Attractive Than It May Sound 

We’d all prefer a one-time fix, but don’t count on it.

The Science Behind Taking a Perfect Nap 

Napping is a natural biological function that can improve memory, motor skills, and even heart health.

Do You Snore? Don’t Ignore that Rattling Sound!  

Nearly 25 percent of Americans may suffer from sleep apnea.

Drowsy Driving Causes Crashes 

On five hours of sleep, a driver might as well be a little drunk.

Get More Sleep, Lose More Weight 

Try making rest a priority the next time you want to drop pounds.

Tackle Sleep Woes, Feel Happier 

Not sleeping enough tampers with your emotions.

You May Have Sleep Apnea if You’re Depressed 

A CPAP machine can lift your mood.

Sleep Loss and Inflammation 

Not getting enough quality snooze time can spark disease-causing inflammation.

The Best Ways to Use Melatonin 

Take .5 mg and plan the timing.

You Can Be a Morning Person 

Camp for a week to reset your body clock. Alternatively, combining melatonin with light therapy may help.

Lack of Sleep Could Destroy Your Memory 

Regular sleep problems could potentially cause memory loss in later life.