How to Get Clearer Skin 

You don’t have to buy expensive beauty products or get daily facials in order to have flawless skin. Here’s how to get clearer skin without emptying your wallet.


What to Know About Tattoo Removal  

Laser treatment can usually remove tattoos successfully, but there are risks, and aftercare is important. Here’s what to know about tattoo removal success.


What Is Psoriasis? 

Talk to your doctor if you see white scales on your skin, often on your elbows or knees. The scales can mean you have psoriasis.


How Exercise Can Benefit Your Skin 

Exercise reduces risk for many diseases and benefits skin health, too. Exercise can prevent or improve some skin conditions and even slow signs of skin aging.

Close-up of Woman's Face Showing Eyes --- Image by © I Love Images/Corbis

Your Natural Skincare Options 

Are you tired of paying too much for your beauty products? We review the evidence for popular home natural skincare options, including olive oil, berries, and yogurt.