Raising Healthy Children

Eating Well for ADHD 

Diet can have a profound impact on moods, even for people with ADD and ADHD.

How Not to Give Your Child Guilt 

Help your child release guilt and forge a healthy path forward.

Preventing Kid Sports Injuries 

You can’t keep your kids safe all the time, but with your input many common sports injuries are avoidable.

Your Child Needs to Drink Water 

Millions of U.S. youngsters could be jeopardizing their physical, mental, and emotional health because they aren’t drinking enough water.

Let Them Eat Dirt! 

Our battle with germs may have gone too far.

The Most Dangerous Children's Toys 

Buying toys for kids online is convenient — but be wary of toys that shouldn’t get near kids.

Your Teenaged Boy Needs Sleep to Prevent Diabetes  

Teens who miss out on deep sleep could face health problems up ahead.