Understanding Your Response to Stress

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Any change in your life can lead to stress. This includes even pleasurable activities, such as vacations or new forms of recreation. You can also be in a stressful situation such as a difficult job or a long-term illness of a spouse. If you think you might be experiencing stress, this assessment may help you identify its effects on you.

Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss 

It seems counterintuitive that something so calming could burn calories and get our bodies into tiptop shape, but yoga for weight loss really works.

Yoga for Back Pain 

Are you considering physical therapy or yoga for back pain? Both can help you, especially if you mind your posture in between your exercises. Learn more.

Yoga for Your Memory 

Yoga may be just as good, or better, than the current gold standard of treatment for memory loss. Here's what you should know about yoga for memory loss.

Can Yoga Lower Blood Pressure? 

Can yoga lower blood pressure? Science is beginning to chart the many benefits of yoga are plentiful. Here's how to lower your blood pressure with yoga.

Yoga Poses for Beginners 

These yoga poses for beginners show up in nearly every class. As you progress, you’ll find that they feel a bit different every day. Also remember yoga is “real exercise,” not “just stretching.”