Scott Hamilton’s Miracle 

His advice for anyone facing a frightening diagnosis: “Get strong. Physically, spiritually, emotionally get strong. And everything will take care of itself.”

Scott Hamilton’s Guide to Winning 

Olympic champion Scott Hamilton wasn’t born a winner — nobody is. But Hamilton believes we can all learn from failures, ditch fears, and become winners in life.

Scott Hamilton’s Rough Start 

Scott Hamilton’s early life was an endless parade of hospital rooms, needles, and foul-tasting medicines. He was pale, sickly, half the size of most other kids.

Scott Hamilton Loses His Champion 

His mother was his biggest cheerleader, regardless of whether he landed every jump or fell flat on the ice. How his mother’s death reshaped his life and career.

Scott Hamilton Skates On 

Usually when Scott Hamilton noticed a new ache or pain, he would attribute it to the routine stresses of his sport. But this time it was something different.