Symptoms of Ovarian Cysts 

Ovarian cysts are common and may not cause symptoms. However, pain and other symptoms of ovarian cysts may indicate a problem needing medical attention.

Breast Implant Cancer Risk 

Textured breast implants are linked to lymphoma. If you have these implants, learn about breast implant cancer risk to protect your health.

What Is Endometriosis? 

What is endometriosis? The medical name for the lining of a uterus is the endometrium. When this kind of tissue grows outside the uterus as well, you have endometriosis.

What Is Menopause? 

When a woman’s reproductive system shuts down, she enters menopause, usually because of normal aging, and it sometimes occurs after a hysterectomy.

Bacterial Vaginosis 

A vaginal discharge and itching are signs of bacterial vaginosis (BV). Learn the health consequences of this condition and why you should not ignore it.

Symptoms of High Progesterone 

High progesterone can be a sign of a serious illness such as cancer of the ovaries. It can also affect your menstrual cycles and how you feel later in life. And men can have it, too.

Home Remedies for Yeast Infections 

Are there home remedies for yeast infections? Research shows that some home treatments can help, but you should talk to your doctor first. Learn more here.