Winter Wellness

Get Plenty of Rest During Winter 

Sleep deprivation can weaken your immunity. Learn about common winter sleep disruptors and how to overcome them and get plenty of rest during the winter months.


How to Avoid Cold Stress 

Exposure to winter elements can be dangerous. Learn precautions to take if you work outdoors this winter and what to do if you have symptoms of cold stress.

Austria --- Austria, Teenage girl fallen on ice rink while skating --- Image by © Wolfgang Weinhäupl/Westend61/Corbis

How to Avoid Winter Falls 

Don’t let snow and ice trip you up this season. Take precautions. Check out YourCareEverywhere's tips for avoiding and preventing slips and falls this winter.


Keep Your Skin from Getting Dry 

Cold and dry air can be brutal on your skin. Avoid parched, itchy winter skin with daily moisturizing strategies. Follow our tips about how to prevent dry skin.


7 Winter Health Myths 

Before you follow advice you heard from your mom or picked up on the internet, learn the truth behind some popular — and pervasive — winter health myths.


How to Keep Your Baby Warm 

Your baby loses heat four times faster than you do; her internal thermometer isn’t well developed. Here are tips to ensure your little one isn't cold this winter.