Immune System Reboots During Sleep 

Study found levels of T-cells dropped three hours after falling asleep, came back up later

One-Third With Common Irregular Heartbeat Don't Take Blood Thinners 

More than half who've had medical procedure for atrial fibrillation forgo prescribed meds

U.S. Glaucoma Cases Expected to Surge by 2030 

Routine eye exams the best way to prevent this major cause of vision loss, eye experts say

Obamacare Boosts Breast Cancer Screening, Study Finds 

Waiving costs appears to improve mammography rates, but not colonoscopy, even among the poor

'Weekend Warriors' Can Still Stretch Their Life Spans 

Study found those who exercised one or two days a week saw gains similar to those who worked out regularly

More Americans Questioning Safety of E-Cigarettes 

Fewer people see these devices as safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, survey shows

New Guidelines Reaffirm Prenatal Folic Acid to Curb Birth Defects 

Women of childbearing age should take 400 to 800 micrograms daily, task force recommends

Kids' Asthma Flareups Fall Off After No-Smoking Laws 

Researchers reviewed ER visits in 20 metro areas of U.S.

Hour-Long Nap May Boost Brain Function in Older Adults 

Linked to improved memory and ability to think clearly in study

Weight-Loss Surgery Offers Long-Term Benefit to Very Obese Teens 

Studies show most maintained significant weight loss over 5 years, but complications emerged for some