Hairstyles for Moms: Why Long Hair Is Easier

Leah Outten @thegracebond
January 06, 2017  | Last Updated: January 06, 2017


I remember having my first child. My hair wasn't extremely long like it is now, but it was below my shoulders at a medium length. It wasn't long before her tiny fingers tangled themselves at the ends, and I would cry out in pain. Every experienced mom told me, “shorter is so much easier!” so I did what many moms do when frustrated with pulling single hairs out of clinched baby fists: I got the mom bob. 

They lied. Shorter is not, in fact, easier. Sure it keeps it more so out of baby's reach, but it's a ton of work! If it's too short you can't put it completely up, even a pony tail or braid. I had a super cute angled bob that I loved, but I would spend at least half an hour every day styling it. I had to blow dry each section with a rounded brush and then straight iron it to make my wavy hair lay right (if I was lucky; humidity was not my friend). And to top it off, it meant spending more money every month to keep the style not looking shaggy. 


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When child number two arrived, I forfeited my mom bob and went with practical. I began growing my hair out and letting it do its thing with waves. I began loving my hair for what it is and not forcing it (and my energy) into something it wasn't, but it still didn't look great. By child number three, my hair reached halfway down my back, and I had found the best routine for my hair as a mom. 

Having done it both ways, longer is easier in my opinion. Here's why: 

  1. Less money. I can get my hair cut one to two times a year and no one knows! That's a savings of $330 for me per year. Being a mom on a budget, this is crucial for us.
  2. Less time. I have literally 5 minutes to do my hair before the morning rush of getting kids to school or running errands these days, since I don't want to wake up any earlier than I need to. 5:30 a.m. is early enough, thanks. I don't have extra time to blow dry, so I now style my hair wet.
  3. Easy to do, even with kids tugging at your legs. Or, if baby is crying, hair can be styled quickly so you can get back to being mom!
  4. Lots of style options. I felt cornered into a styling box with short hair, with basically just the option of “Do I clip part of it up today?” Now I have endless options that I can change up every day if I wanted to.
  5. Gets it out of the way for the motherhood life. The tiny grabbing fingers we've discussed, but there's also the annoyance of it being in our eyes while leaning over to change diapers, getting tangled in the diaper bag straps, or even the dreaded baby bodily fluids that may find its way in our hair. When it's long you can put it up and completely away!

Here are my favorite hairstyles that are quick and easy to do, yet yield a put together mom essence. 

This is my daily choice since it is super-fast, which is needed with 4-going-on-5 kids. Plus! It dries throughout the day, and by night time when I have an event or a date night, I can let the braid go and have frizz-free wavy hair that looks beautiful with zero effort:

If I'm feeling more fancy and wanting a more put together look for church, an event, school party, etc., I use these below. Now, before you look at a picture and complain “I can't do that!” just watch the tutorial and give it a try, I promise most styles are easier than they appear:

A Side Braid Bun (my go-to for a quick up-do, and I always get compliments!)

The Milk Braid, a 3-Part Twist, and a Dutch Braid

A Fish Tail Braid 

Pig Tail Braids Pinned up 

Quick Braided Updo

The Katniss Side Braid

Quick Messy Bun or Styled Pony Tail for New Moms

If none of those fit your style or seem too complicated, YouTube has an endless amount of tutorials! Being a mom doesn't mean we have to forfeit our hair, whether in style or length. It has taken me years and a few children to be happy with my hair yet still being practical for daily busyness, so hopefully these will be shortcuts for you to achieve that happy balance as well.


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