9 Pregnancy Myths That Might Surprise You - Myth 6

By Temma Ehrenfeld and Sherry Baker @ temmaehrenfeld
November 09, 2017
17 Oct 2014 --- Young woman lying on bed with a cup of coffee --- Image by © Lane Oatey/Blue Jean Images/Corbis

Claim #6: Coffee will bring on a miscarriage. 


Response: The ACOG weighed the research and concluded in 2010 that up to 200 mg of caffeine a day isn’t a risk factor for miscarriage or preterm birth. That’s about the amount of caffeine in a1.5 cups of brewed coffee or one 12-ounce cup.

Although coffee doesn’t cause miscarriage, it can lead to some minor problems. Some women are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine when they are pregnant, the March of Dimes points out. So, if you feel unusually jittery or have trouble sleeping, try cutting back on your coffee.


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