11 Reasons Why Being a Short Mom Rocks

Leah Outten @thegracebond
January 25, 2017  | Last Updated: January 25, 2017


You will forever look younger than you are

Sure, you may get mistaken for the older sister or the babysitter, but as you get older those comments become golden happiness boosters. “You don't look old enough to have a 10-year-old!” Why, thank you.

The comments of disbelief

I love how it blows people's minds that I have given birth six times — four of those natural and all of them about eight pounds. Yes, I am really good at growing babies despite my size. Amazing things can come from small packages.


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We can share clothes and shoes... with our kids

My 12-year-old birth daughter is my exact same size. I told her she can pass along her clothes and shoes when she is done — that is if she is lucky enough to continue growing past 12 years old, unlike me. When my sister was 10, she was my size and I would raid her closet when I visited before she surpassed me. And yes, I got some of her hand-me-downs once she grew! I can also offer my girls first dibs in my closet before donating. It's a win-win for us all.

We can shop in multiple sections of a clothing store

Yes, I own size 12, 14, and 16 pants from the girl's section. The pants from the girl's section are shorter and actually fit my leg length. Bonus — they’re cheaper! I always shop that side first, then move to the juniors or women's. Having multiple options to find what I'm searching for in stores is a big perk of being a shorty.

Squeezing in the back seat when needed is no biggy

We've still got leg room! In fact, I often get the honored position of sitting between car seats when we have another adult guest in the car. My kids love having me back there for a ride or two every now and then. The same goes for when flying on an airplane, no big deal. We were built for this.

We have more room on the bed

Not only will our feet never hang off the bed or lose covers over our toes, but when co-sleeping children take over we can always duck down to use that extra space for ourselves. Or, kick the kid out. Either way.

You have the best places for hide and seek

Hiding places are no match for us! We can squeeze in small spaces just like a kid does — under tables, tight closets, empty cabinets, or tucked in a box.

You never hit your head in play houses

Sometimes being short has its benefits, like head protection. Play house ceiling height is just perfect for us. Additionally, there are no issues in the van buckling up your crew or under playground structures when they lead you to play in the shade.

Our calves look nice from the constant tippy toe reaching

Reaching the spices on the middle kitchen shelf may need some tippy toe height added. Free mom work out, right there. No gym membership needed!

People offer help

Reaching for the cereal on the top shelf when shopping can be embarrassing. Sometimes people take pity and offer help. I also have no shame asking for help to reach something, because the alternative is either going without or making a fool of myself climbing shelves with my kids watching (and probably crying in the cart).

You can relate to your kids on a new level

You totally understand how it feels to be the smallest in the class, or just smaller in general compared to the adults that rule the world. You can give sympathy because you've been there — and still are — but also can give encouragement because you can tell them one day they will embrace the shortness just like you have. It makes us unique, and that's something to be proud of.


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