Stages of Depression 

Psychologists have not defined stages of depression, but it is common for people to experience changes in their willingness to take action towards change.

How Mushrooms May Fight Depression 

Researchers are zeroing in on how mushrooms may fight depression. But you'll want to avoid your home-grown button mushrooms — they contain psilocybin.

Types of Depression 

Depression is a common, and treatable, mental health disorder. But not all types of depression have the same cause or symptoms. Here's what you should know.

Depression Versus Anxiety 

Depression versus anxiety: Some of the symptoms are similar; however, feeling sad and anxious are not the same.

Could More Omega-3s Boost Your Mood? 

Don’t rely on supplements alone to improve your mood, though it’s always a good idea to eat food rich in Omega-3 nutrients. Here’s what you should know.