Symptoms of a Hernia 

Don’t ignore a lump or bulge that seems to flatten out when you push it or if you lie down. Hernias may require surgery. Learn more about symptoms of a hernia.


Symptoms of Thyroid Problems 

Of the 20 million Americans with some form of thyroid disease, 60 percent have no idea they have it. Learn more about the symptoms of thyroid problems.


What Is Reye’s Syndrome? 

A very rare disorder that can damage your liver and brain, Reye’s syndrome can be fatal or lead to permanent brain injury unless it is treated quickly.


Pulmonary Embolism Symptoms 

Pulmonary embolism symptoms occur when a blood clot travels, often from a leg, to a lung artery. The condition can damage your lungs and even threaten your life.


What Is Scleroderma? 

Scleroderma, a rare disease, causes the skin to thicken abnormally, typically in women. The problem may begin on the hands and face before moving to the arms.


What Is Edema? 

Edema means there’s excess fluid in your body tissues. Although edema can be caused by indulging in too much salty food, it may be a symptom of health problems.