Inpatient Services

The McCamey Hospital is a 14 bed Critical Access Hospital.  Inpatients are cared for by a team of professional, caring nurses who strive to provide quality patient care.  

McCamey Rural Health Clinic

We are committed to giving the best care and consideration to the overall health and well being of all who walk through our doors. Our business hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For questions contact the McCamey Rural Health Clinic office at 432-652-4010.

Wellness Center

The McCamey County Hospital District Wellness Center is home to the Hospital's Physical Therapy Department, in addition to providing the community with a facility to work out in a clean, comfortable environment. The Center has an indoor track so members can walk in comfort, out of the wind, heat or cold. The Center also has an indoor pool that is used for aquatic therapy, as well as for water aerobics, water tai chi and lap swimming.

McCamey Convalescent Center

As the population ages, more of us are faced with the prospect of moving either ourselves or an older family member into a nursing home. It may be a decision that arrives suddenly following hospitalization, or gradually as needs become more dificult to meet in other types of housing. To make a decision that's right for you or your loved one, it's important to learn all you can about nursing homes.


Causes of Skin Cancer

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is one of the most common causes of skin cancer, and it can lead to a deadly form of skin cancer known as melanoma.