What Do You Know About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The carpal tunnel isn’t a feature along your local interstate. It’s a pathway inside your wrist that carries the median nerve from your arm to your hand. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition that affects your hand. Test your knowledge of carpal tunnel syndrome by taking this quiz.

1. What is one of the main symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Heat Stroke Symptoms 

Becoming over-heated on hot days isn’t just uncomfortable, it can make you sick. Heat stroke can be deadly. Recognize heat stroke symptoms and stay safe.

First Aid for Poisonings 

Sometimes accidental poisonings can be treated in the home under the direction of a poison control center or your child's healthcare provider. At other times, emergency medical care is necessary.

Afferent Loop Syndrome 

Bones are tough and resilient, but if you push them hard enough — if you fall on a hard surface, for instance — they can crack or break.

Torn ACL Symptoms 

Knee injuries can be painful, and a torn ACL and meniscus can make walking difficult. Here’s what you should know about torn ACL symptoms and who’s at risk for this common injury.

Take the First Aid/Emergency Quiz

Test your knowledge of first aid by taking this quiz.

1. If you need to call 911 in an emergency, what should you tell the dispatcher?