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The Grace name symbolizes the nature, purpose and undertaking of Grace Medical Center, serving as a place of healing and hope, in privilege and humility toward its community, physicians and patients, all of whom deserve and want a trusted relationship of unimpeachable integrity and unapproachable quality and service.

Cardiology Center

At the Grace Health System Cardiology Center, we believe early diagnosis and treatment to prevent heart disease is the key to cutting your risk of a heart attack and stroke. When you visit the Cardiology Center, your doctor will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your health and potential risk factors. Our interventional cardiology specialists will work with you to prepare, communicate and educate you on the best treatment plan for you.

Results from imaging studies are achieved relatively quickly, and can signal the need for more in ­depth evaluation of heart related issues.

No matter what is needed, the Cardiology Center at Grace Health System can provide and coordinate all the evaluations and testing you’ll need to discover potential risks for heart-­related issues and guide your individual treatment to help you better avoid the complications of a heart attack and stroke."

Orthopedic Center

The Orthopedic Center at Grace Health System is committed to bringing you relief for painful ailments affecting your shoulder, hand, hip or knee. Our staff works together and within their specialty area to treat abnormalities and restore quality of life for our 

As part of your evaluation, your doctor will order tests at the Grace Health System Imaging Center so he can get a closer look at the problem. Our advanced center includes traditional x-rays, as well as MRI and CT scanners. Our CT scanner takes pictures in 3D, allowing your physician to see exactly the problem, and if surgery is needed or not.

Pain Management Center

The knowledgeable specialists and staff of the Pain Management Center at Grace Health System are committed to working with you and your primary care physician to find the source of your pain, and determining the best means of bringing you lasting relief.

This starts with a thorough examination and historical analysis to find the root cause of the underlying causes and issues of pain. This in­-depth interview will give pain management specialists an opportunity to evaluate any and all underlying factors that may be contributing to or aggravating pain.

All information gathered by Grace’s lab and imaging professionals is reported back to the interventional pain specialists, who will then consult with you and your family about the best course of treatment.

The Pain Management Center also refers patients to our Chiropractic Care Center and the on-­site Grace Compounding Pharmacy is available to fill pain management specialists’ prescriptions for medications.

Primary Care Center

In these times of confusing health insurance requirements, you can depend on the doctors at the Primary Care Center at Grace Health System. Our team of Family Medicine physicians strives to help make sure you and your family are healthy and happy.

During your examination, your doctor will spend enough time with you to get the details of how you or your child is feeling. They’ll also be there long enough for you to ask as many questions as you need. This is a good time to ask about immunizations, sleep habits, conditions, new medications, diet and exercise, or simply questions about aging (osteoporosis, dementia, heart health). Your doctor will answer your questions thoroughly in terms that you can understand.

Your primary care doctor is often your first line of defense when it comes to diagnosing a more serious illness or condition. If something more serious is suspected, he or she can refer you to a Grace specialist for further examination and treatment. This specialist will then give updates to your primary care doctor.

No one likes going to the doctor, but the physicians and staff at the Primary Care Center are here to meet yours and your family’s needs."

Ambulatory Surgery Center

Providing same day care for surgical procedures. 

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