Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a customized program of exercise and education designed to help patients recover from a heart attack, or other forms of heart disease or surgery, to treat heart disease. Cardiac rehab is often divided into phases that involve monitored exercise, nutritional counseling, emotional support, and education about lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of heart problems. The goals are to help patients regain strength, maintain health and reduce the risk of future heart problems. The patient receives continuous telemetry monitoring of their electrocardiogram and heart rate with frequent blood pressure checks.

Specially trained cardiac rehab specialists work with patients three times a week as prescribed by a physician. Patients exercise on treadmills, bicycles and other aerobic equipment to gain strength and improve endurance and breathing. Heart rate and rhythm are closely monitored throughout the workout. Sessions last approximately one hour and are typically scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation helps patients better manage chronic lung disease. Patients who may benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation include those with emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and other types of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Symptoms such as shortness of breath are addressed through exercises learned in pulmonary rehabilitation. The key components of our pulmonary rehabilitation program include patient evaluation, pulmonary disease education, therapeutic exercise, and maintenance and follow-up. Ask your doctor if pulmonary rehabilitation is right for you.

Outpatient Surgery

The surgery department is dedicated to providing high-level care to patients with surgical needs. We also maintain the highest standards of clinical practice to serve our community residents. Our qualified specialists, medical-surgical team and nursing staff work together to develop and implement a care plan for each patient.

The surgery team provides a safe and comfortable environment for all patients by following all standards and practices set forth by the State of Texas and Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) to ensure that all patients get the best care possible.

Surgery at Freestone Medical Center is available weekdays for routine (scheduled) procedures. The department has one surgery suite and one diagnostic room, which provide diagnostic and therapeutic surgical intervention, in these services: orthopedics, general surgery, gastroenterology and podiatry.

Inpatient Care

When inpatient care is needed, we are ready with 37, all-private beds in our newly remodeled inpatient care unit. We offer a qualified, experienced team of nurses and healthcare professionals all focused on you. Hospitalists, physicians who focus on your care while in the hospital, are on staff to provide greater physician access and continuity of care during your hospital stay.

The nursing staff at Freestone Medical Center is dedicated to serving you with respect and dignity. With a commitment to providing caring and compassionate treatment for each patient, Freestone Medical Center nurses take our mission statement to heart. Their goal is to achieve 100 percent satisfaction from patients and family members by providing award winning care, and quality outcomes.

In addition to receiving quality medical care, we strive to maintain a low nurse-to-patient ratio so you receive the individual quality care you deserve.

Our nurses also strive to improve their skills and stay abreast of the newest technology and procedures through the hospital’s free continuing education program, which is offered through Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

The support staff also plays an important role in patient care. Environmental services staff ensures cleanliness throughout the unit to promote a healing environment. Dietary staff meets patients’ nutritional needs. A discharge planner assists patients and family with arranging for any needs at home following a hospitalization.


Patients count on Freestone Medical Center for convenient access to advanced imaging technology, which includes a newly updated X-ray room, 64-slice CT Scan and digital mammography. In addition, our knowledgeable technologists are certified by the American Registry of Radiology Technologists and committed to providing the best possible diagnostic images for each patient.

We have an array of highly sophisticated imaging technology available:

  • 64-slice CT Scanner
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • Bone Densitometry
  • Mobile MRI
  • Digital Mammography

All images are read by Tyler Radiology Associates to ensure expertise and prompt turn-around for all reports.

Our Hospital offers only the latest protocols designed to maximize accessibility and delivery of medical imaging services, which helps your doctor make the most appropriate treatment recommendations and enhance your overall patient experience.


Causes of Skin Cancer

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is one of the most common causes of skin cancer, and it can lead to a deadly form of skin cancer known as melanoma.