Health Food Trends to Keep on Your Radar

By Sherry Baker @SherryNewsViews
August 30, 2019

If you’ve given up fast foods and committed to eating healthy, more choices than ever are coming. Here are five health food trends to keep on your radar.

Americans really are eating healthier ― or trying to ― according to the International Food Information Council (IFIC) Foundation. And health food trends are reflecting that fact.

Around 30 percent of us are shopping for organic foods and almost 40 percent shop for foods billed as natural, IFIC research shows. Even when Americans eat out, 20 percent specifically look for restaurants with natural food and beverages, because those choices are perceived as healthier.

Few Americans are vegetarians or vegans exclusively, a Gallup poll revealed ― but more between the ages of 18 and 49, almost eight percent, are embracing those eating styles and looking for new plant-based options.

Whether you want to lose weight in a healthy way, improve your health, or just because you think healthy food tastes best, there’s good news: Health food is more easily accessible than ever. And market reports predict an even greater assortment, including some surprises, up ahead.


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Five health food trends to keep on your radar

1.     Veggie fish food. This isn’t food for your goldfish or vegetables to eat with your fish dinner entrée ― it’s actual plant-based faux fish to replace the real thing. Sales of veggie burgers and other vegetarian versions of meat soared 23 percent over the past year, and now plant-based dishes, like “crab cakes” and “scallops” made from potato starch, peas, and other vegetables), are hitting the market at stores around the U.S. Watch for plant-based alternatives to canned tuna for your whole-wheat sandwich or to top your organic salad to be available soon, too.

2.     More fiber-rich choices. Fruits and vegetables are healthy sources for fiber, but many Americans still don’t have enough fiber in their diets. An easy solution may be around the corner: Technology research company Technavio predicts more high fiber pre-packaged snacks and meals are part of important health food trends expected to grow through 2020. Part of the interest is propelled by consumers understanding a fiber-rich diet lowers the risk for several health problems ― from constipation and diverticulitis to irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer.

3.     Surprising frozen delights. You may not have seen this one coming. It’s true coconut soft serve ice cream doesn’t sound unusual. But among other new frozen health food trends to keep on your radar are some potential surprises for your taste buds ― like hummus ice cream and avocado popsicles.

4.     Not-sweet drinks (that actually still taste yummy). Who doesn’t know excess sugar is unhealthy and won’t help your waistline, either? However, many people who want to eat healthy are not thrilled with chemical sweeteners, either. But all is not lost when it comes to healthy beverages, even if you have a sweet tooth. People are starting to adapt to less super sugary sweet drinks, according to a report in Forbes. As more people explore varieties of flavored water, expect less cravings for sugar (research shows reducing sugar in your diet adjusts your palate). Watch for more drinks sweetened with natural sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit, too. Another health trend to keep on your radar when it comes to taste: more interest in, and acceptance of, sour tastes like kombucha, kefir and mushroom coffee.

5.     Something super old is new again: tahini. When it comes to health food, almond butter became a popular replacement for peanut butter (especially the kind of peanut butter made with sugar) a few years ago. Now tahini butter appears set to outpace almond better as a new health food staple. Tahini has been used for thousands of years in the cuisine of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. You may have already sampled it in hummus and baba ghanoush. Made from toasted sesame seeds, tahini contains more protein than milk and most nuts and is loaded with B vitamins and vitamin E. Tahini is super versatile, too; you can use it in a sandwich or as a dip, in smoothies or baked goods.


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August 30, 2019

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Janet O’Dell RN