Winter Is Coming … and So Are the Holiday Treats

Jennifer Dennard @JennDennard
November 21, 2017  | Last Updated: November 21, 2017


It has already begun. At first, it started as a trickle. Then, it built up to a steady drip. Soon, my house – and my waistline – will feel the effects of a deluge of sweets. This influx of chocolates, cookies, candy corn, and marshmallow confections started the week before Halloween and won’t seem to let up until Easter has come and gone.

As I sit here typing, I try not to think about the huge bags of Halloween candy sorted, inventoried, and gone through by my children for the fifth time with a fine-tooth comb. One night’s worth of trick-or-treating has somehow left us with three month’s-worth of cavity-inducing temptation. And I’m not even talking about my kids! We limit them to one small piece of candy a day. I know what those bags contain. I know my girls will never know that I snuck a Reese’s while they were at school. I must resist the desire to turn bedtime into just-one-more-piece time – from now until April!


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You’re probably wondering why I just don’t give the candy away or throw it out so that the temptation is removed. Well, I live with a husband who finds it painstakingly hard to throw anything away, particularly perfectly good candy that he enjoys munching on late at night. (The late-night owl gets the worm, if you will.)

To combat my own human nature, I have learned that, during the holidays especially, it’s best to give in to my sweet tooth just a little bit. One piece of candy, one Christmas cookie, or one Valentine’s Day chocolate a day won’t ruin my figure. In fact, it will help to stave off bigger cravings that might cause me to overindulge too much. That being said, I do make sure I exercise regularly during the holiday season, and try not to overindulge during typical meal times.

The holidays can be tough on the waistline, it’s true. But life is too short to deprive yourself of the things that bring you joy – especially when your kids bring them home constantly during the seasons of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. As Thanksgiving approaches, and we gird ourselves for another onslaught of sugar, just remember that moderation is the key. A small nibble there, or a big bite here shouldn’t break the bank when it comes to your sense of self-worth. Enjoy life, the holidays, and the treats that come with them.


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