23 Reasons Why Pregnancy Can Be Addicting

Leah Outten  @thegracebond
January 20, 2016  | Last Updated: January 19, 2016
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As a mom of four I obviously must like the pregnancy gig. Add in a pregnancy at 16 which resulted in an adoption plan and a miscarriage between children and I have seen a positive pee stick six times. The following list may be key reasons why I keep having kids. In truth — these aspects can be addicting to want to be pregnant again and again. Just remember a baby follows the pregnancy along with sleep deprivation.


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1. Unique privileges

Waiting in line for the bathroom? Someone just may let you cut. Plus, who doesn't love getting to snag the Pregnancy and Newborn parking spot at some stores?

2. The baby kicks

There is something incredible about feeling life inside you. From the first fishy-like flutters to the water-bed-like theatrics later on in pregnancy, it is a feeling to treasure.

3. The parties

Having a baby is a great excuse to have a party! Not just for baby showers anymore, now there are gender reveal and meet the baby parties. If you are into entertaining and celebrating in crowds — unlike this introverted momma — this is prime time to celebrate with others.

4. The gifts

Parties shouldn't be about the gifts, but you gotta admit they are fun to receive! Tiny baby socks, the bedding you've been eying to start the nursery décor, the stroller you put together and give your cat a ride in ... baby gifts are fun.

5. Special attention

Everywhere you go, you get attention. Whether it is positive attention with compliments or the annoying belly rubs with strangers questioning if you are sure you aren't having twins, the attention spotlight is on you. It's nice to feel special.

6. The compliments

You look amazing! You are glowing! Cutest pregnant lady ever. Maybe they are lying to make you feel good, but I like feeling like I look good.

7. Bonding with care providers

When you see someone each month, then weekly, and they see every inch of your birthing body — you can't help but bond. My midwife became a dear friend as we got to know each other over my pregnancy, and each subsequent one is a fun reunion when I announce that we get to do it all again together.

8. A new wardrobe

Getting to unbox the ol' maternity stash is as thrilling as buying a new wardrobe. And of course, it is fun to add to the existing clothes with new fashion styles. Pregnancy is an excuse to shop.

9. Your pants have elastic — and leggings totally count.

Bring out the leggings! You're pregnant, you have every right to be comfortable no matter what people say are considered pants or not. Maternity ones with elastic waists are still awesome in every way, no need to unbutton for all those potty breaks or for holiday binge eating!

10. Having an excuse to pig out

I always feel a kinship to Merry in Lord of the Rings when pregnant. What about second breakfast? Check. Elevenses? Check. 

11. Food tastes amazing

The heightened senses during pregnancy sometimes can be a horrid side effect, like the highly sensitive pregnancy nose, but the taste buds make up for it. The taste of food moves to a whole new wondrous level of satisfaction. 

12. Delegating food runs

Cravings. You've got them. Sending your hubby to the store for the ice cream that you just have to have right this second or for the chicken sandwich you need on his way home for work is a welcomed aspect to pregnancy. He's so sweet.

13. Excuse to redecorate!

Who doesn't love browsing Pinterest for crafty ideas to re-purpose the guest room, or even a nook in your master bedroom? Any chance to try new colors and redesign is thrilling. And because: more shopping.

14. Is it bloat or belly? 

No one can tell the difference in those earlier weeks! No more sucking it in, ladies. You're pregnant and can pass it off as baby belly now.

15. The pregnancy brain excuse

Forgot to call your sister on her birthday? Oops, pregnancy brain. Good news, mommas: It continues afterwards, known as Mom Brain. It is both a curse and a blessing, that scattered brain of growing and caring for a little human.

16. The excitement 

Pregnancy is filled with excitement packed in 9 months. Announcing the pregnancy, sharing the first ultrasound, revealing if it is a boy or girl, the awe over your baby bump growth, the name choice ... so many opportunities to rejoice.

17. Belly table

Who needs a table? You've got a belly. Perfect for those second dinners while watching a movie on the couch.

18. Offers to help

Others often sympathize because they know that pregnancy is not awesome at all times. People offer help more often — and it is easier to accept it. Sure, you can carry my groceries in!

19. No period!

Goodbye for now, Aunt Flow. See you next year! And if you're lucky, maybe even the year after that, thanks to breastfeeding. 

20. Deflated boobs be gone

The pubescent looking ladies suddenly inflate and look amazing. Your significant other appreciates this as much as you do.

21. You're off cat litter duty

Cat litter can put you and baby at risk for toxoplasmosis, so hang up your pooper scooper and give that chore to someone else for nine months.

22. You embrace your inner goddess

I mean, you are growing a human. That is incredible. Just wait until you discover your birthing goddess, the one that helps you push a human out of a hole into this world! If you can do that, what can't you do?

23. You see your body in a new light

The new found curves, the glowing skin, the flouncy shiny hair and strong nails, the appreciation for your body growing your child — all reasons to help to see your body for the beauty that it is.

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