Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety — Continued

By Michele C. Hollow @YourCareE
November 28, 2023

Take deep breaths

When you feel anxious or stressed, take a few deep breaths. It works even better if you combine it with meditation. Studies show taking a few deep breaths can lower stress and anxiety.

Talk to a friend

When you share your feelings of anxiety with a close friend or family member, you can ease your stress and anxiety levels.

Get a massage

In addition to feeling serene and refreshed, a body massage is designed to relax you from head to toe.


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine.” A good belly laugh can lower your cortisol levels and boost endorphins, making you feel happy and free from anxiety.

Share the positives in your life

Write down all the good things in your life and complain less. When you focus on your accomplishments, you’ll feel better about yourself and uplift your spirits. It’s a great way to beat anxiety and stress.

Turn off all electronics before you go to bed

Another form of relaxation techniques for anxiety is to turn off the news, cell phone, and computer before you go to bed. According to the National Sleep Foundation, electronic devices can distract you from falling asleep. You should turn off electronics at least 30 minutes before your head hits your pillow.


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November 28, 2023

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Janet O’Dell, RN