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By Katharine Paljug @kpaljug
November 08, 2017
Woman with hand on lower back, mid section --- Image by © Odilon Dimier/PhotoAlto/Corbis

Is lower right back pain a sign of kidney infection?

Lower right back pain can indicate pyelonephritis, especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms, such as diarrhea or shivering, or if you have recently had a UTI. However, lower right back pain can be a sign of other serious conditions.

Intense pain in your abdomen that spreads to your lower right back may be caused by appendicitis. If your lower right back pain feels like a persistent ache that gets more intense for a few minutes at a time, accompanied by painful or frequent urination, you may have kidney stones.

Lower right back pain can be a sign of kidney cancer or bladder cancer as well, especially if you notice blood in your urine, fatigue, or unexplained weight loss.

All these conditions require a visit to the doctor to diagnose. If you experience lower right back pain that does not go away, visit your doctor to find out what your symptoms mean.



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