Cervical Cancer Survival Rates

By Sherry Baker @SherryNewsViews
January 08, 2018

Cervical cancer survival rates depend on your disease stage and treatment. Cervical cancer survival rates are estimates and can’t predict individual outcomes.

Almost 13,000 new cases of cervical cancer, a malignant tumor of the lower most part of the uterus, are diagnosed each year, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and over 4,000 women will die from the disease.

If you have been diagnosed with cervical cancer, it’s important to understand many factors influence cervical cancer survival rates. Cervical cancer rates are based on statistics drawn from large groups — and whether your cancer is life-threatening depends on the stage and treatment options for your individual case.


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Early detection and cervical cancer survival rates

Although cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women worldwide and has the fourth highest mortality rate among cancers in women, almost all cases of cervical cancer are preventable by routine screening with Pap smears, testing for infection with the primary cause of the disease — human papillomavirus (HPV) infection — and treatment of any precancerous lesions.

In fact, over 90 percent of cervical cancer cases can be detected early, when cervical cancer survival rates are extremely high, the National Cancer Institute points out. However, approximately 33 percent of women who should routinely have Pap smears and HPV testing don’t have these tests.

That explains why the majority of cervical cancer cases are diagnosed in women who aren’t adequately screened and why their disease is more likely to be advanced and harder to treat — negatively impacting their cervical cancer survival.


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