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By Sherry Baker  @SherryNewsViews
May 09, 2017
20 Nov 2012 --- Dermatology consultation woman --- Image by © B. Boissonnet/BSIP/Corbis

See your doctor regularly.

When you have a regular check-up, make sure your doctor looks you over for any signs of skin cancer you might have missed.

If you’re taking prescription medications, ask about side effects, including those that could impact your skin. Certain medications, including antibiotics and hormones, can make your skin more sensitive to damage from the sun and may require extra protection. In addition, drugs that suppress the immune system to treat some diseases may up the risk for skin cancer, requiring extra vigilance about changes in your skin.

You may be concerned about having a low level of vitamin D from reducing your sun exposure, but getting only 5 to 30 minutes of sunshine twice a week is enough to maintain normal levels of vitamin D. Many foods are good sources, as well, including fatty fish, mushrooms, and milk. The NCI advises talking with your doctor if you are interested in taking vitamin D supplements.  

The NCI also offers a free brochure about skin cancer, and how to avoid it.

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