How to Treat Migraines

By Temma Ehrenfeld @temmaehrenfeld
December 11, 2017
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Knowing how to treat migraines is a path to self-awareness. The secrets of how to treat migraines will also help to keep you healthy overall.

What is a migraine?

About 12 percent of the population gets migraines, most likely caused by a genetic tendency that makes you vulnerable to certain triggers. Migraines are about three times as common in women as men. Some 30 percent of people with migraine also see an aura for about 20 minutes. Episodic migraines come one to three times a month. You might find that they go away, stay at that level, or become more common and severe.

Knowing how to treat migraines is a path to more self-awareness. If the triggers of your migraines are mysterious, the solution is to keep records. Note your migraines on a calendar and look for patterns. What happened the day before? Did you stay up past your bedtime? Did you go to a dinner party and drink wine?


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Possible migraine triggers

Foods. Red wine, processed meats, aspartame, and beans are all common triggers. The solution: Avoid them. Genius!

But many people “cheat.” Sticking to self-discipline will be the hard part.


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