7 Myths about Back Pain

By Temma Ehrenfeld @temmaehrenfeld
April 03, 2017

You'll hear any number of them in ordinary conversation; don't fall for these common misconceptions.

Nearly everyone runs into back problems at some time. If your bad moment has come, and the pain lingers or recurs, you needn’t be embarrassed: even the Queen of England has an issue. Chances are she’s getting the finest medical care. 

You’ll hear any number of myths about back pain in ordinary conversation. Don’t fall for these common misconceptions. 


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Myth: You feel more pain when you’ve hurt your back more dramatically. 

A sharp sudden pain can indicate an injury. But when pain lasts for several weeks, how much pain you feel doesn’t usually correspond with actual damage. Some people are afraid that pain indicates a problem that could lead to paralysis. The spinal cord actually ends in the upper part of the low back; lower down, there are only very tough nerve roots. A tumor, infection, or unstable fracture could create a risk of paralysis. 

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